Implementing AI to enhance B2B revenue growth

Globally the growth of consumer goods companies have stagnated. As technological disruptions change the way customers used to engage in buying, the future holds many challenges for the existence of consumer goods companies.

Since 2000, 41% of S&P 500 consumer-centric companies have have either been acquired or gone out of business. More than 50% of current companies are predicted to meet the same fat in next 10 years.

Due the the digital disruptors, traditional retailers will continue to lose their grip on consumers. Customers have become habitual to a buying behaviour producing the demand that traditional business stay relevant in transition moments between sales and service.

How data driven & AI-powered models unleash path to a advanced growth

Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are providing companies with a newer source of gathering and analysing data to move ahead.

Capturing huge amounts of data with great accuracy, in real time, to shaping customer needs. AI is enabling companies to become relevant with the new economy.

Implementing AI to your business model will help you:

  • Improve performance, find critical areas that need work in your business process
  • Transform digitally—increase efficiency and unlock capital
  • Unlock newer opportunities to grow and beyond
  • Create 1-on-1 relevant experiences with your own integrated ecosystem

Companies will develop a powerful capability to expand their base, reduce costs and drive growth by implementing AI around the consumer.